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One of the great parts about making Mead is taking in suggestions and experimentation! Much like homebrewers tinkering with their craft beer recipes, the mead-maker also has many options at their disposal. 

At Monks Meadery, we come up with new flavor ideas all the time. Some of these small batches become a big hit with our friends and family (ok, mostly friends – our parents would prefer we were doctors) and eventually reach the commercial production line. 

Since our fans are our favorite people, we want to hear what you have in mind.

Do you have a flavor combination in mind? Send us your suggestions using the form provided, and who knows – maybe we’ll brew up a batch! We’ll let you know if we do.

We love hearing suggestions – some small batches get served at local and regional festivals, and sometimes they become a regular – like our popular Peachin to the Choir!

Monks Meadery JUST-IN SERIES

Making mead truly is our passion. We’ve fondly named this small batch process our Just-In series, check out our facebook page for our latest offering.  We are able to ship to 30+ states if there is one you would like to try.

Basically, we love mead – and we want you to as well.  We invite you to share in the creative process as well as the experimentation. Because, if we’re not all having fun, what’s the point?

Do you have a flavor combination in mind? Send us your suggestions using the form above. We’ll let you know if we end up brewing some!


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