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The Official Mead of Dragon Con 2024


Session Mead made with Passion Fruit, Hibiscus, and Dragon Fruit

If you’re coming to town, keep you eyes peeled for Dragon’s Nectar at local hotels, restaurants, and shops. If you don’t spot it, don’t worry – we’ve got plenty to share at our all-new Tasting Room –  just a quick ride from downtown. 


NOTE: Orders for this Dragon’s Nectar Limited Edition Can will not ship until the beginning or middle of August. You will receive orders before the Con; we’ll be in touch to update you on the progress.

16 oz Cans

Reg. $72 / 12-Pack

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Grab ye’ some Dragon’s Nectar! Each can contains 16 ounces of Mead – locally made with exotic flavors from faraway lands. Congratulations! This is a noble beverage to enjoy no matter what your quest. Enchanting Passion Fruit, heroic Hibiscus, and, of course – the mighty Dragon Fruit! All blended with our glorious wildflower honey to create this special 2023 Edition of Dragon Con Mead. Godspeed.

Making Mead takes more than just blending honey and water... 

At Monks Meadery, we find inspiration from flavor combinations found in other beverages like teas, craft cocktails, some tiki drinks and even interesting smoothies. We use fruits, herbs, spices and teas to derive our flavors.  We want ingredients that we can find at our local farmers market or in our pantry.  There is an infinite number of combinations that can be created with this extremely versatile historic beverage.  Check back to see what our latest creations are! 


Come check out our awesome new Tasting Room here in Atlanta. You can eliminate shipping fees, and try out some other great flavors at the same time! 

Choose “I’ll Pick Up” during the checkout process

Then, simply swing by our Tasting Room during. operating hours to pickup your order. Click the link below for more details on our Tasting Room.