The Story of Mead...

Mead is a beverage rich in history and lore dating back over 8,000 years. Mead is surrounded by stories and rumors evoking images of Vikings drinking around a table, a prize found in an Egyptian tombs, a facilitator for the Roman mass orgies, and ingredient in mysterious potions throughout Asia. Each sip is filled with thousands of years of history and remains a familiar component within mankind’s tales.  Some claim that it’s magical to consume the intoxicating flavors of the fermented honey, and that imbibing mead brings one to a level of intoxication unlike any other alcoholic beverage.  So sit back, relax and let Monks Mead be a part of your story.

What is Mead

The Story of the Honeymoon…

Mead is thought to be an aphrodisiac, a medicinal potion, and a fertility aid. As it is made entirely by honey and water, mead legend takes on a mystique from its naturally sensual ingredients. Mead is also credited to being the inspiration for the term “honeymoon”.  In early times, newlyweds were given a supply of mead to last the full cycle of the moon. They were instructed to partake in the experience daily to enhance their libidos and improve their chances of creating a family. Thus, the beverage has been associated with weddings since the institution of marriage was created.

Today's Story …

Today, mead is enjoying a resurgence! There are hundreds of commercial meaderies operating worldwide, and countless thousands of meadmakers concocting the brew in their homes.

Current interest in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), Renaissance fairs, and an increased popularity of ‘period’ type film and television shows are increasing the visibility of “forgotten” spirits and other fermented beverages.  Having such a rich history in almost every continent and culture, mead is becoming something to seek out and explore.

The Story Behind Our Style...

The Original – Monks Mead: This was our first creation and having started off as home brewers we’ve always gravitated towards beverages that were consumed cold and carbonated.  We find that the carbonation balances the sweetness inherently found in honey for an overall better experience.  This is a dry mead with only a hint of sweetness.

New Flavors – Our inspiration for these comes from a desire to make a beverage that one can enjoy more than one during a session.  They are lower in alcohol with flavors that can help give the light honey flavors some direction.  These are all made dry and with natural ingredients that we know how to pronounce.  Check out descriptions of each under our products section.


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