Forget Rosé – There is a New Pink Drink

It’s just about that time of the year to be sitting poolside, watching the sunshine glisten in the soft, wavy motions of the clear blue water with a pink drink in your hand. In recent, social media-inspired, tradition that drink has been rosé. Thanks to Instagram, and shots of this beautiful pink drink in front of lustering scenery appearing with captions like #roséallday and #brosé as soon as the weather gets nice.

However, prior to the 2014 Instagram obsession with rosé, thrillist reports that it used to carry a really bad reputation. Because of its similar color, it was often associated with the “sticky sweet, cheap, pink-colored” white zinfandel, specifically from certain brands like Beringer & Sutter Home. Despite this light, refreshing, pink wine being very well known and respected in France for a long time, rosé was a new, summer, Instagram trend wine in the United States. 

While it was a popular wine in France, selling rosé in the United States was almost an impossible task. Belinda Chang, an award-winning sommelier, tells thrillist that putting rosé on a wine list, was like writing a wine list for Olive Garden. And then, the pretty pink drink started sweeping its way across Instagram in front of beautiful pools, sunny beaches, and snazzy rooftop patio backgrounds. She mentions that today you can visit an establishment with a total of 40 wines on their list with 10 of them being rosé. Even men are sipping the pink drink and enjoying their #brose time.


pink drink for brunchImage from @destinationpal

The demand for this, “built for summer,” drink “spikes when the weather gets nice” and establishments that didn’t prepare end up out of luck as distributors are sold out by July. But, it’s not the end of the world. With Insta popularized lifestyle brands such as Yes Way Rosé, White Girl Rosé, and even names like Summer Water running out quickly, breweries saw an opportunity to hop on the trend with rosé beer.  Adam Avery, from Avery Brewing, tells thrillist that this isn’t a “quick money grab” but a natural progression of blending the two things he loves most. Avery looks at grapes as ingredients he would use in flavoring his brews such as spices or anything else.

Sounds very similar to an emerging, honey-based beverage, that is “commonly flavored with fruits, spices, and anything you can eat that’s tasty.” Mead. However, mead isn’t jumping on any “lightish and fruity” trends, at least not Monks Mead. Ever since Justin Schoendorf, the owner of Monks Meadery, brewed his first batch of the flagship Monks Mead 10 years ago, he saw it as a blank slate for flavor experimentation. And then all of the following meads have been building on the original with flavors like peach, passion fruit, hibiscus, vanilla, and butterscotch.

Opening the tasting room in July 2021, allowed Justin to further experiment with flavors such as pineapple, pecan, pumpkin, cranberry, citrus, and even coffee. The taproom always holds the 6 original meads on tap but also serves as a tasting room for 6 other experimental flavors only available on location. It was the popularity of the Sriki Tiki in the taproom that encouraged us to bottle the tropical mead. And it was in the tasting room where the new summer pink drink, Bacchus Blushed, was born. 

Image from @destinationpal

The original idea behind this mead was the Sunshine State. Troy, one of our bartenders from Florida, wanted to create a mead that you can enjoy sipping at brunch on a sunny day. Originally called the Florida Man, the flavors would mimic something like a creamsicle mimosa with the fizzy beverage featuring hints of citrus and vanilla. Eventually, this mead evolved and took on the pink drink brunch vibes. Today a glass of Bacchus Blushed offers slightly sweet bubbles with notes of citrus and flowers. Additionally, the bright, hip label and the pretty, pink color are very photogenic. Coming to your Instagram feed on March 22nd. 

And if you need more convincing to switch it up this spring and summer, like lower residual sugar, check out these 5 reason to drink Monks Mead. 


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