Play Boozy Chairs at Monks – How These Atlanta Businesses are Getting Creative

In our, Old Never Gets Old musing we mentioned that “a little creativity never gets old.” That’s especially true for small business owners who have to get innovative with almost everything they do. No, we’re not talking about how every business got on social media at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re talking about how these Atlanta businesses are solving problems in their establishments with two-for-one solutions.

Justin may be a pro at making the nectar of the gods, but his taproom in Virginia Highlands is only a year old, almost. Being new to running a physical location, the taproom is a constant work in progress. Our decor is always changing to better meet the needs of the location, but not without a little of Justin’s customization and creativity. 

Justin’s ultimate goal is to convert an old church into both a tasting room on the front end and a mead brewing facility on the back end. But until then, he works with what he’s got, killing two birds with one stone. Our location welcomes guests in a small space underneath the Java Vino coffee shop and doubles as our stock and fulfillment location. When we say stockroom, we mean the small corner of the coffee shops’ storage room that our product occupies. As someone who’s packed, shipped, and written a personal note for your online order, I can say it’s a tight fit. 

In the past, the tiny office at the meadery has also been cramped with kegs of mead, some full, some empty, but all in the way. As the Georgia heat was approaching and Atlanta was looking to get out to soak up the sunshine with something cold and boozy in their hand, Justin was facing storage and seating shortage. So he set out to solve the problem with as much creativity as he had for our empty walls. 

Monks Mead Gets Creative with storage and seating

The idea resembles something like musical chairs, but in reverse, with a table, and boozy contributions from our friends. Where before stood two tall square tables able to comfortably seat 4 people each, maybe cram 6, is now a community table with about 12 Monks Mead kegs acting as cushioned stools. If you’re lucky, maybe one day we’ll have to pop the keg you’re sitting on into the cooler and you’ll get to play. But the cherry on top? Underneath each removable cushion is a secret message written by friends of the meadery, Josh and Kiva. They had the right idea. 

So if you’re really lucky, you’ll get a free mead from Nate. And maybe the real cherry on top is an accessible office for the team. How else will they be able to get to those pretzels they hide back there and back out to you? Come play boozy chairs at Monks! More visits means more chances to play!

Monks Meadery is not the only establishment that’s getting creative. In Inman Park, Tia Landau, owner of The Albert recently won a grant which was used to remodel the neighborhood’s favorite pub. But the new look needed something pretty to decorate the dining room walls. Instead of looking elsewhere for art, Tia decided to throw a fun photoshop for Al’s gals to recreate nostalgic photos that will serve as wall decor.  

Photo from @emmeline_whatever

Over at The Painted Pin, Buckhead’s upscale boutique bar, bowling, and entertainment venue, you’ll be tempted to get their witty named Buckhead Betty pizza, which will be served on a perfectly sized coaster to keep you from burning yourself.  Wine corks that would otherwise be thrown away by the servers are repurposed by Peggy Stallworth into coasters and dartboards and put back into operation. As if naming a pizza at a Buckhead establishment Buckhead Betty isn’t already creative. 

Photos from @thepaintedpinatl



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