The Importance of Local Experiences – What These 4 Atlanta Businesses are Doing

In 2019 a South Dakota peanut butter company called Nerdy Nuts went viral after Fox Business picked up and mentioned their peanut butter flavors based on the 4-2020 presidential election candidates. The company got its start with a used nut grinding machine from eBay and a booth at a local farmers market. While other small peanut butter companies were focusing on health keywords to describe themselves, Nerdy Nuts decided to focus on flavor and fun, becoming the Ben & Jerry’s of peanut butter with quirky marketing.

While going viral through a few genuine TikTok influencers is what got Nerdy Nuts to where they are today, it’s still the word of mouth, their presidential election PB flavors, and the quirky naming of their Kitchen Sink Peanut Butter that gives them my business. I’m a bit too late for the presidential election flavors, and while Kitchen Sink peanut butter isn’t exactly a local experience, it’s 100% relevant. Because seriously, who can’t relate to eating sweets impatiently at their kitchen sinks and counters? And if I was on board during the limited-time presidential candidate flavors, a whole lot of friends would have gotten a whole lot of unexpected packages in the mail. Surprise, here’s a flavor you love, but a label you might hate, or vice versa!

Photo from @nerdy_nuts

While social media and TV advertising still account for a huge chunk of marketing, consumers are growing distrustful of being sold something everywhere they go, and creating local experiences customers can relate to is becoming key. There’s no doubt about it that to Atlanta natives this city and all of our local experiences are special. That’s why these Atlanta businesses are blowing it out of the water with their products. 

Monks Meadery

Local Experiences - 2021 Dragon Con in AtlantaPhoto from @dragoncon

While the 12% Monks Mead may be Justin’s original mead, Dragon’s Nectar is our local staple. Made with passion fruit, hibiscus, and dragon fruit, Dragon’s Nectar is the official mead of Atlanta’s 35-year-running multi-genre, pop-culture convention, Dragon Con. Every year Justin releases a new limited-edition designed can just in time for labor day festivities. This year’s bonus was a Dragon’s Nectar 20-pack with Dragon Con mystery gifts.   Stay tuned for the 2022 updated version of the product.  (Insert wink emoji.)

You can also find Dragon’s Nectar at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Because would you rather walk around with a frozen margarita in your hand or a themed can of the nectar of the gods that falls perfectly in character with your cosplay.

Buckhead Thread Company

Photo from @buckheadthread

Buckhead Thread Company has gained a lot of popularity with their “ATL” t-shirt designs appealing to our love for this city. They created the iconic “Los Bravos” design that has been leaving their shelves empty after the Braves World Series win. You can usually find their designs at Atlanta Beer and Wine Festivals and other local events. Make sure you don’t sleep on that purchase because your size will most likely be gone in a few hours. 

Three Taverns Brewery

Photo from @threetaverns

The Decatur based brewery named its staple IPA after one of Atlanta’s liveliest streets. Three Taverns Brewery’s A Night on Ponce IPA gets its name from Ponce De Leon Avenue which runs through several of Atlanta’s favorite neighborhoods where you’re sure to find something to do. 

Painted Hospitality

Photo from @thepaintedpinatl

Buckhead’s boutique bowling and entertainment venue, The Painted Pin, has an eye-catching Buckhead Betty pizza on their menu that becomes a must-order since you’re in Buckhead and all. However, that’s not the only local experience they’re thriving with. At the start of the pandemic, and during Georgia’s times of uncertainty and political tension, they brought laughs to the situation with their “[bowling] is essential” t-shirt. The proceeds went to benefit the company’s staff during quarantine. The laughs of the limited-time design earned an instant order of several shirts for me and my friends to keep the joke going forever. 



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