5 Tasty Summer Drinks to try in 2022 – Near the Atlanta Beltline

A Secret Tap Room for Summer Drinks

Even though we’re having a cold front carry some rainy weather our way this week, things are heating up quickly in Atlanta otherwise. Except for this week’s blues, it’s shorts and t-shirt weather, and we’re all ready to stroll the beltline in the sunshine stopping for cold summer drinks along the way. There are plenty of options along the beltline, but you won’t get to step outside the box for a unique experience unless you take a short 10-15 minute detour off the beltline. Don’t worry, it’s easily walkable with plenty of sunshine, and even some shade and cool breeze along the way. 

You’re headed to a secret taproom to try delicious summer brews. All you have to do is step off the beltline onto Ralph McGill Blvd. The road is accessible down the steps after the Ralph McGill bridge between Old Fourth Ward Skatepark and Illuminarium. You’ll head towards Freedom Park/Little 5 crossing Freedom Parkway and following the Freedom Park Trail.  Eventually, you will end up at North Highland Ave NE, cross the street, and take a left. Monks Meadery will be on your right, down the driveway, underneath Java Vino. 

The driveway opens up into a hidden parking lot with a covered patio seating. Congrats! You made it! Go inside and say hi, grab a mead, and grab a seat. With 12 meads on tap, 6 being the usual suspects and 6 rotating meads, here are 5 meads to try in your sampler flight. Pick the 6th at your own risk. Start with the flight and grab a full size of your favorite afterwards. 

1. Peachin to the Choir

summer drinks

5.3% ABV
Peach Tea Session Mead
This mead is a staple at Monks Meadery because sweet tea is a staple in the south. The first sip will give you that feeling of sitting on your porch in a rocking chair with a glass of ice-cold southern sweet tea next to you. Except make it boozy. With a lower alcohol content, this mead is made for sipping and all-day good vibes with your friends. This mead holds a silver medal in the 2019 and 202 Mazer Cup competition, which is the largest mead competition in the U.S.

2. Bacchus Blushed

6.5% ABV
Pink Lemonade Mead
This new pink drink is not only perfect to brunch with as a replacement for your usual Rose, but you will also enjoy it after walking the beltline on a hot summer day. However, you’ll only find it at Monks Meadery, which is why stepping off the beltline to try something new is worth it. The pink, fizzy citrus drink will keep you refreshed on our covered patio while the cooling breeze occasionally gives your skin a gentle touch. 

3. Sriki Tiki

Sriki Tiki Mead

ABV 8%-9% depending on the batch
Pineapple, Almond and Star Anise Mead
This tropical paradise in a bottle mead started out as an experimental batch in the tasting room but became so popular, we never rotated it off the tap and now have it for sale to take home in bottles. The mead is inspired by our good friend Sriki who can regularly be found in the tasting room with a smile on his face, radiating good vibes all around. 

4. Monks Mead

ABV 11.9%
Wildflower Honey Mead, the OG
This is the “avoid mowing the lawn” mead or the “I need an emergency break” mead. Just crack one open in the morning as an excuse to avoid all chores and errands. Those can wait. It’s light, crisp, refreshing, and will fool you into easy drinking even though it’s almost 12% alcohol. One is enough to sip on for a few hours. Or, come to monks and start your Saturday and Sunday off strong with this flagship mead and switch to something lighter. This mead received a gold medal in the 2019 Mazer Cup and a silver medal at the 2020 Mazer Cup competition. 

5. Belgian Brut

ABV 6.6%
Belgian wheat style Mead
This one is less on the sweeter side and more on the aromatic spices side. It’s for you if you’re more of a beer drinker. Abstinence in the Abbey is also a good one to try. 


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