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12 Pack Can Sampler
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Half Experience Mead Sampler

4 Dragon's Nectar
4 Peachin' to the Choir
4 Butter Buzz


Get a variety of meads delivered straight to your door with this Mixed 12 Pack. You’ll get our commemorative Dragon Con Dragon’s Nectar, along with our collectible cans from GA Ren Fest as well! Drink’em up and add these colorful cans to your collection.

Includes 4 cans of Limited Edition Dragon's Nectar!

Half Experience Mead Sampler
4 Cans Each Variety

*this Mixed Pack will not ship out until August 17th. If you have other products in your cart and want them earlier, you will have to order separately we will hold all orders with this product.

Half Experience Mead Sampler is a 12-Pack that includes 4 cans of each:


Butter Buzz

A charming blend of vanilla, spice, and maple; complete with a warm and buttery mouthfeel that’s just magical.

Dragon's Nectar

A Session Mead made with Passion Fruit, Hibiscus, and Dragon Fruit

Peachin to the Choir

Peachin' to the Choir

Subtle peach flavors and a hint of sweetness compliment the tannins from the tea.

Want More Variety?

We’ve also created this special 12 pack – The Full Experience – that offers a sampling of all of our products, both cans and bottles.